Lone Cricket Productions is a film and sound design production company based in Reading, PA, owned and operated by David Hall.

Clients and Collaborations (present and past) include:

Sabian Cymbals; A&F Drum Co.; Zero Eyes; Ali; Live Well Run, Ring Ring; Flag Nor Fail; Seidel Hyundai; Neo-Pangea; Milkroom Entertainment; History Channel; NatGeo; Reading School District; FX networks; True Gents, TravelSafe Insurance; SVCOG; and more.

Lone Cricket:

I am not actually alone, nor am I a cricket, but I do love crickets as they produce some of the most beautiful sounds in the world.

“So where does the name come from if you’re not alone then???” I get asked a lot.

A little about Crickets: Crickets stridulate their wings against a serrated plate on their backs at frequencies designated to their specific species, creating “symphonies” in cadence with one another to attract peers while avoiding predators. A communal act that creates those summer night choirs everyone loves to meditate in. Occasionally though, you can hear a Lone Cricket, strayed from their tribe, making their own avant-garde noise. It’s a pleasure to hear as an observer… but, a lone cricket for too long is a dead cricket.

Among my talents, music is actually my biggest passion. Over the years I’ve drawn myself to being authentic in creating elaborate compositions that are not “ordinary.” With this, as an introvert, I of course found myself susceptible to performance anxiety. Finding myself writing, composing, and playing to and for only myself in my living room with absolutely no one else to hear, I become the Lone Cricket.

And as an introvert it’s a natural progression of gaining energy and inspiration, but remember, a Lone Cricket for too long is eventually a dead cricket. And so the mind can quickly consume oneself.

So Lone Cricket is my constant reminder that I need the tribe to survive. That if I don’t continually create with peers, I will be consumed. In film especially, the one man band is a sure way to burn out real quick. The very nature of film inevitably requires collaboration and equality. Yes, I still take on large weights in my productions, and I am the face of the company, but I love being pushed to collaborate with clients in creative ways while bringing on a handful of creatives on the production side of the process.

So Let’s create something together,

Lone Cricket :)